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Families with young children face many major decisions when it comes to child rearing. Of course, one of the most important is the kind of education their children receive. Some parents enroll their children in local public schools that follow the teacher-based model. Others opt for private schools that offer constructivist and progressive styles. Students who respond to a personalized learning approach, however, may need to look beyond traditional educational models.

Examining Today’s Educational Options

As traditional education systems don’t serve the learning styles of all children, it is important for parents to ask: “does my child fit a ‘one size fits all’ model when it comes to learning?”

There are many effective ways of learning and gaining knowledge that go far beyond the traditional teaching model used in today’s classrooms. Much of the heralded “tried and true” teaching systems used in today’s schools lack flexibility and the personalized learning approach that can speak to children who think “outside the box.”

Of course, there are many successful educational models being used in schools today, especially since many children don’t fit the tightly-structured, teacher-based model. For these students, finding an effective alternative to the accepted educational method is crucial. Fortunately, there are options for parents and students who are looking for a different approach that serves a young learner and reaches them with a self-directed learning approach.

Focusing on the Learner

Learning is a process, and it’s one that can be as dynamic as the children who arrive in class. More than anything, what many parents and students are realizing is learning is an activity that can happen anywhere and everywhere. The learning process should be something that’s truly alive and truly challenging for the young learner.

How does this happen in our modern culture? For many parents, home schooling is an effective and exciting option for families that want to take a different approach to the educational process, going beyond traditional models and engaging with something much more dynamic and learner focused.

Embracing a New Approach

Though home schooling offers a potentially exciting learning approach, it can be a daunting task to handle alone. That’s why SelfDesign offers a range of educational consulting services designed to empower parents who want to offer their children the best possible options.

SelfDesign offers parents support in developing a personalized learning approach that helps students actively engage in learning by working from a place of personal strength. It’s a system that actively goes beyond the rigidity of many of today’s educational systems.

By working with SelfDesign’s variety of educational models, parents and students can develop self-directed learning techniques that speak to the student’s individual strengths. Our successful system has helped countless families engage in learning in a way that’s exciting, fascinating, and empowering.

Take a look at the variety of self-directed learning systems we offer here at SelfDesign. Our goal is to help every family and every student achieve academic success in a dynamic and real way.

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