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SelfDesign Curriculum

SelfDesign - Curriculum that can keep pace with global change.

SelfDesign offers the most customizable curriculum in the world. Your dedicated SelfDesign Learning Consultant will guide you in designing a curriculum tailored to the exact interests and needs of your child based on the SelfDesign LifeMap.

We believe that life is an enthusiastic exploration for depth, excellence, and interconnectedness. Life itself provides the curriculum for learning. Individual courses and resources supplement life's curriculum, and are chosen at the will of the learner for specific support rather than as a framework from which learning is supposed to happen.

SelfDesign is currently offering a full range of Courses for learners ages 14-18. Learn more.

Benefits of the SelfDesign Curriculum

The SelfDesign LifeMap

Benefits of the SelfDesign LifeMap

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