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Events & Interviews

For the Love of Learning

For the Love of Learning Show Watch four SelfDesigners discuss "The Many Facets of SelfDesign" on Monday, December 7, 2015.
See the video at For the Love of Learning

Homeschool+ Conference

Homeschool+ Conference
Monica Cochran, from SelfDesign Global, spoke Friday, August 8, 2014 at the Homeschool+ Conference about SelfDesign Learning. See the video of her keynote presentation on YouTube


Listen to "What the Experts Know" Interview

Astrid Witt of What the Experts Know hosts a telesummit to share little-known secrets for true education and learning. Click on the link below to listen to her interview with Brent Cameron.

Date Interviewee Subject
02/02/2012 Brent Cameron SelfDesign: Nurturing the love of learning  (more than 1 hour!)

Listen to "Freedom & Responsibility" Interviews

Barb Lundgren of Rethinking Everything hosts periodic conference calls, including several with our own Brent Cameron and River Meyer. Click on the links below to listen to these podcasts.

Date Interviewee Subject
08/19/2011 Brent & Ilana Cameron Brent and Ilana look back at a rich lifetime of learning together
08/04/2011 Brent Cameron Learn how to become a great speller ... through fantasy!
07/22/2011 Brent Cameron The Family Meeting! What a wonderful opportunity for connection and change and love.
07/15/2011 Brent Cameron A revolutionary movement to rework education as we know it is still inferior to unschooling
07/01/2011 Brent Cameron What is SelfDesign anyway? What does the organization do?
06/24/2011 Brent Cameron Our whole world changes when love is the center of how we think, act and are treated by others
06/17/2011 Brent Cameron How we influence, manipulate and hypnotize others with the use of the word "you" when we mean "I."
06/10/2011 Brent Cameron You can change your whole life with just one little word. That word is AND.
06/03/2011 Brent Cameron Atunement. Connection. Love.
05/27/2011 Brent Cameron Eight ways to Self Actualization
05/19/2011 Brent Cameron Self Actualization - what is it?
05/13/2011 Brent Cameron Does Teaching Inspire or Detract from Learning?
05/12/2011 River Meyer Passion, love and interdependence are at the heart of Self Design
08/18/2010 Brent Cameron Self Design and Learning Circles

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