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SelfDesign Global Learning Circles

In SelfDesign Global Learning Circles, parents and educators come together, through personal learning communities, to put SelfDesign principles and practices to work in their lives.


Are you a parent who wants to educate and parent your children in a holistic and conscious way? SelfDesign views the learning unit as the family, not the individual child. We work with families to help them create personal learning communities that support all members of the family. As a member of a SelfDesign Global Learning Circle, you will come to view learning, education and schooling in a different way. You will learn that the most harmonious families have neither the parent nor the child “in control.” There is a third way to parent where you make agreements with your children and engage in rich discussions to meet the needs of all family members. As part of a parent learning circle, you will gain confidence in your non-conventional approach and choices.

Our SelfDesign Global Virtual Learning Circle meets online and is facilitated by a SelfDesign Learning Consultant. We also have hybrid Learning Circles that meet virtually with SelfDesign once a week and have local meetings that are organized by a local coordinator.


Are you an educator with a vision for education that is different than conventional school? Would you like to connect with other visionary educators and parents around the world? Join our SelfDesign Global Virtual Learning Circle. We meet weekly to discuss topics that are of interest to the circle members, with meetings facilitated by a SelfDesign Learning Consultant.

Our Learning Circle Facilitators

Monica Cochran
Monica Cochran, M.Ed.
Ann Arbor, MI

Kathyann Natkie
Kathyann Natkie
Northern NJ

Donna Vanderlip
Donna Vanderlip
Kamloops, BC

Penny Cullen
Penny Cullen
Okato, New Zealand



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