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Minecraft as Self-Directed Learning

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The SelfDesign Minecraft Community was created to offer a different gaming experience for children in an environment where they already hold enthusiasm. With their interests guiding the growth of our servers, we have created processes and adopted plugins that support our two main goals as a community: 1) To build community, and 2) To have fun.

We focus on creating agreements that foster relationships and communication over strict adherence to rules. The children create the expectations and they have created what it means to build community in their way and on their terms. They negotiate an ingame economy, private and shared spaces and restitutions that help build connections. Every potential problem is reframed as an opportunity to gain understanding.

Within this framework, the children share their personal and collaborative creations, reflect on what they have learned, and enjoy each other’s work and company. Come join us and learn about Minecraft, the SelfDesign Way!

Participation in our Minecraft community is free to learners enrolled in any of our programs.

to send email to us about joining it!

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