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Our Programs for Younger Learners

SelfDesign offers you a powerful way to guide and support your children's learning and development. SelfDesign MindMapping, SelfDesign Learning Plans, Family Visioning, and SelfDesign Observing for Learning are some of the tools that we offer your family to joyfully engage in the natural learning process. We offer you the nurturing guidance with professional SelfDesign Learning Consultants to ensure that you understand your children's unique learning process and enjoy learning with your children. You will see the spark of curiosity ignited in your children as they engage in learning that is fun and meaningful. If traditional education has stifled their joy in learning, then you will be thrilled to see the light in your children's eyes shining brightly again. You will delight in their enthusiasm as they seek out new challenges with ease and self-confidence.

The heart of SelfDesign is found in the process of co-creating the learner's personalized Learning Plan, the "Observing for Learning," and the foundation SelfDesign principles which support and nurture each learner's joy of learning. The regular dialogue between the Learning Consultant and the family gives the parents and learner the guidance and support they need to nurture the learner's passions and natural enthusiasm for learning.

Families can choose to have this dialogue with the Learning Consultant dynamically via Skype or Google+ sessions or asynchronously. Parents, learners and Consultants will contribute to the Learning Journal and Portfolio which celebrate and highlight the wonderful learning your child does every day!

All Learning Paths for learners ages 6-14 include the following core elements

Your choice of Learning Path will determine your specific experience:


Springboard to SelfDesign

We often recommend this program when a family needs to co-create a learning plan for a learning in a short period of time or a family is unsure which learning path would be best for teh learner.

Springboard is a 6 hour program. When you choose it, you will receive up to 5 hours of direct time with a learning consultant via video conferencing in the first 6 weeks. In the remaining time, your SelfDesign Learning Consultant will do research and co-create the written portion of your learner's personalized learning plan.

Springboard Plus

Our new Springboard Plus learning path is now available as an introduction to learners new to SelfDesign. Just as in Springboard, co-creating a learning plan with a Learning Consultant is the first step along this path. The Springboard Plus Path begins with 5 hours of direct time and 1 hour of indirect time with a SelfDesign Learning Consultant in the first 2 months. It is followed by two 45-minute sessions each month after that with your Learning Consultant to fine tune the learning plan as well as learn how to "Observe for Learning" with more ease, plus as an invitation to join a SelfDesign Learning Circle.


Guide Along The Side

We have found that weekly interaction with the Learning Consultant is something our families request most often. In addition to co-creating a personalized learning plan for the learner, this path provides for weekly observing for learning journalling either dynamically through conversation with the Learning Consultant or asynchronously (four per month) and provides the most continuity of thought and focus. Parents and older children often choose to each have conversations with the Learning Consultant. With this regular and frequent interaction between families and LC, a deeper relationship can be formed in a shorter period of time. Since SelfDesigning is based on the power of relationships and understanding, we find that this plan, by far, is our most robust offering.


This learning path provides for dynamic Skype or Google+ sessions with the Learning Consultant twice a month and for the creation of two Learning Journal entries per month in the portfolio in addition to co-creating a personalized learning plan for the learner. If you are looking for a way to be involved in SelfDesign and see yourself as able to navigate the waters of this new endeavor with support from your Learning Consultant every other week, then this may be the plan for you.

If you are ready to join thousands of families who have chosen SelfDesign as their educational path, call or email us today to set up an interview time with our director.

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