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Education is critical in forming a child’s growth, personality, confidence, and future. That’s why decisions surrounding the style and model of a child’s learning experience are so enormous for today’s parents. The accepted educational model in today’s society centers around a teacher and a set curriculum. Unfortunately, that system is often based as much on the educational system’s needs as the child’s, if not more. For that reason, some parents are rethinking what’s being offered by the traditional educational model. Many parents are considering the benefits of homeschooling and the development of a more personal learning environment as another viable option for their children.

Focusing on the Learner

What is learning really about? Who is it for? These are some of the questions parents are asking themselves today. It’s in this spirit of active engagement in the educational process that many families are becoming open to other ways of educating their children. Many parents are beginning to embrace the home schooling model, which can be tailored as much towards the child’s needs as it is towards the educational system used.

Active Engagement in the Process

Children who are actively engaged in their own learning experience are challenged, intellectually curious, and excited about the world around them. Here, at SelfDesign, we believe children deserve to have an educational experience that speaks to them, engages dynamically with their interests, and fosters their own learning styles. By helping to support parents in creating a personal learning environment that is stimulating, exciting, and flexible, we take an active part in your family’s home schooling needs.

Yes, learning can be exciting. It can also be a much more fluid and learner-centered process than what is provided by the traditional school setting.

Asking Key Questions

There are several questions to ask when developing a personal learning environment for a young learner. Questions might include, “What interests your child?” “What raises your son or daughter’s intellectual curiosity?” These are some of the questions we ask at SelfDesign, as we help parents create an individualized home school program that will truly stimulate and engage their child.

With the support of our expert program consultants, we can help parents create learning systems that will engage students in their key areas of strength and support them in areas that are more challenging. We believe in taking the time in each academic area to ensure that a child is truly learning (not simply repeating) concepts. This tactic alone sets our home schooling program apart from the traditional teaching model, in a way that is incredibly resonant with students and parents alike.

We’re Here for Your Family

If your family is ready to create a dynamic learning environment for your son or daughter, SelfDesign is happy to help. We offer a range of consulting options that support parents who are ready to design a valid, learner-centered home school program. Our programs actively engage parents in creating stimulating educational programs that support children while also actively challenging them.

When your family is ready to create a high quality, exciting, and stimulating home school program, SelfDesign is on its way to help with expertise, support, and active engagement in your children’s needs.

We’re Here for Educators Interested in Personalized, Child-Centered Learning

SelfDesign is an organization comprised of educators, cognitive scientists, and entrepreneurs, who think outside of the box. If you are interested in incorporating personalized, child-centered learning into your school or learning community, we can help. Our Educator Circles are facilitated by a SelfDesign Learning Consultant and connect educators around the world in conversations about leading-edge educational practices and the important research that is coming out of studies on brain-based learning, motivation, multiple intelligences, mathematics education, and more.

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