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Success Stories

For more than 25 years, SelfDesign has been a choice for thousands of learners who conscientiously chose not to participate in schooling. Although recognized by the British Columbia Ministry of Education as a school, our innovative program is so unique that our "out of the box" paradigm for learning is not "experienced as a school" by our learners. Their reasons for joining our program are widely varied, yet they all have in common an inner sense that other-directed, prescribed curriculum and lock in step learning is not the best way for them to learn. Our learners have left school at every grade from kindergarten to Grade 12. The common experience for these learners is that they come alive again nurtured by the freedom and respect in our program. SelfDesign focuses on every learner being self-motivated and self-responsible for their learning as an aspect of realizing their own potential. In order to illustrate this best, we would like to share the stories of two typical learners from the thousands who have chosen our program.

From High School Drop-Out to University Scholar

One day in the spring of 2002, a father phoned us requesting a meeting with him and his son. Several days later, the father introduced us to his depressed and frustrated son who, at the time, was in Grade 8. He hated school and he was obviously a very bright, passionate and delightful young man. More than anything in the world he did not want to spend another day in school where he reported that he literally felt tortured... Read More

From Victim to SelfDesigner

Another enthusiastic self-declared SelfDesigner is on the British Columbia Ministry of Education's books as a drop-out. Her father, a friend and business colleague of ours at the time, phoned us and asked us if we would go into his daughter's high school and get her out of there. This was her first year in Grade 10 in a big high school and she was becoming lost in the overwhelm of the machinery and inhumanity of a huge school... Read More

And Now Going Global...

These are just two typical stories from thousands that we could tell about children and youth who, for a wide variety of reasons, have realized that schooling is a detriment to their well-being. Both of these young people mentioned in the two stories above would be happy to encourage learners around the world to learn of the innovative SelfDesign program as a legitimate choice for many more young people. This is not meant to be a criticism of schooling and the many dedicated teachers and students who make it work. It is, however, an acknowledgement that schooling does not work for everyone and that our children and youth need a real choice to learn in ways that are outside of the current paradigm of instruction and courses.

Will Your Learner Be The Next Success Story?

We hope you enjoy learning about how we're helping children become joyful, enthusiastic life-learners. We would be pleased if your son or daughter became the very next success story to be featured here!

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